A Different Kind of Charity

With the support of some wonderful people we are making a difference to the lives of hundreds of children in India and Nepal. Thank you. You are amazing x

100% of all money received from donations + sponsorship is used to help underprivileged children to gain a good education or a safe, stable, caring place to live.

At The Pencil Tee people volunteer their time, skills, and ideas + pay their own expenses.

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Join us on a trip to Northern India

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Dharamsala is the home of the Dalai Lama and lies at about 1900m in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. It is different, diverse, crazy, majestic, and wonderful.

There are tourists, Tibetans, cows, beggars, traffic, monkeys + noisy dogs. It is built on a steep slope, you will lose weight!

We stay at a simple guest house with your own room + ensuite.

The staff are friendly + helpful, the food is excellent + there is Wifi.

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A Trip of a lifetime!

What our visitors are saying about their experience

Here are just a few of our testimonials.

The joy was abundant when I accompanied The Pencil Tree to distribute educational materials to school children in India. To be part of this and witness the smiles and hear the thanks of these students, so keen to learn, was a total gift to me. I will go back.

Corinne Badet

If you ever had an opportunity to attend one of The Pencil Tree dinners, do not hesitate to say “yes”. You will have a fun, entertaining evening, enjoy delicious food and help raise money, confidently knowing that it will go directly where it is needed.

- Lisa O'Leary

Thank you for absolutely everything Jim Dai and Rami Dai we are missing you already but are so grateful we got to experience Nepal in this way. An experience we will remember forever.

- Hanna McMahon

The India experience with The Pencil Tree is a holiday with the difference and a purpose. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with the locals and of course delivering learning materials to school children in need. The setting in the lower Himalayas is stunning and we were well looked after by the boys at Kailwood guesthouse.

- Tim and Fran O'Hara

My time in Daramasala with The Pencil Tree was heart opening and softening. I was touched by the joy of the kids we visited and their eagerness to interact. I loved connecting with the Tibetan community in turn and felt the influence the Buddhist techings everywhere. I too will go back.

- Nura Tashiro



The Pencil Tree started when a few Australian friends visited India and realised that many kids were going to school without a pencil to write with.

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